ReWiser is now powered by for a tech-driven transition to digital SAT and beyond.

The partnership between and ReWiser Educational Services Pvt. Ltd aims to leverage data-driven solutions to quantify learning and enable personalized instruction, empowering teachers to provide more effective education.

As the world moves towards a digital and data-driven era, is excited to announce its new partnership with ReWiser! ReWiser is a high school support company that assists students from Grade 8 to Grade 12 worldwide to achieve their academic and study abroad goals. Now, by leveraging’s Smart Learning Platform (SLP), ReWiser can better quantify learning and personalize instruction in order to empower teachers with data-driven solutions. Let’s take a look at how will benefit students and teachers at ReWiser Educational Services in digital SAT test preparation and beyond! benefits for ReWiser teachers:

‍ will enable ReWiser SAT teachers to make more informed decisions about instruction based on real-time data insights that are gathered from the student’s performance on Play & Practice platform. With this information, teachers can quickly identify areas of weakness and customize their teaching strategies accordingly, resulting in improved student outcomes overall.

By utilizing advanced technology such as Artificial intelligence, Analytics Dashboard can help instructors generate lesson plans that are tailored to each student’s individual needs. This ensures that each student receives the exact type of instruction they need to succeed in their studies.

With the use of the platform, teachers can assign practice tests and exercises to students, which can be graded automatically. With all of this, ReWiser teachers can save time on administrative tasks such as creating assignments, grading, and analyzing, enabling them to focus on what really matters – teaching and inspiring their students to achieve academic success. benefits for ReWiser students:

With the help of the Play & Practice platform, ReWiser SAT coaching students can now practice for digital SAT using Diagnostic tests, Play & Practice, and mock tests features on the app. Using the Analytics section on the app they can get real-time feedback on their speed, accuracy, and skills in different sections of the digital SAT exam. Students can learn more effectively as they progress through their courses, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to standardized tests like the Digital SAT.

In addition, they’ll also receive personalized guidance from their instructors at any time throughout their coursework—not just during weekly or biweekly meetings with instructors! By having access to real-time feedback from their instructor(s). This allows them to optimize study habits and ensure that each student is receiving the best possible education available no matter what his/her individual goals may be!


We are proud of our new partnership with ReWiser which will allow us to provide our innovative data-driven solution for teachers and students across 8+ countries worldwide! With this new partnership, we hope to revolutionize the quality of learning by empowering educators with data-driven solutions that enable them to personalize instruction for each individual student in order for them to reach maximum success on standardized tests like SATs or other academic exams! Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue our mission of transforming education into an exciting journey full of innovation and growth opportunities for everyone involved!
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