LearnQ.ai Powers LessonBoard with Data-Driven Solutions for the Digital SAT and Beyond
Learn how LessonBoard’s partnership with LearnQ.ai is transforming education through data-driven solutions for digital SAT practice and preparation for both teachers and students. Discover the benefits of personalized instruction, real-time feedback, and optimized study habits for academic success. Education has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with technology playing an increasingly critical role in the learning process. LearnQ.ai is a smart learning platform that provides students with personalized instruction and real-time feedback to optimize their study habits for academic success. Through a partnership with LearnQ.ai, LessonBoard has integrated data-driven solutions into its platform, revolutionizing the way its students learn and teachers instruct for the digital SAT prep.

About LessonBoard:

LessonBoard is a boutique test prep tutoring company based out of Bangalore that helps students with their SAT, ACT, AP, IB, IGCSE Preparations. For the past 4 years LessonBoard has consistently delivered some great results and made happy clients. Statistically speaking, the average difference between the diagnostic test score and the real test score was 310 points on the SAT and 6 points on the ACT in 2022. 

Overview of LessonBoard's Partnership with LearnQ.ai for a Tech-Driven Transition:

With AI-powered solutions for personalized learning, LearnQ.ai has established itself as a leading provider in the field. LessonBoard has partnered with LearnQ.ai to integrate data-driven tools and AI-generated real-time data insights, which enable teachers to offer customized teaching strategies and provide students with real-time feedback and guidance during their digital SAT preparation and beyond.

Importance of Data-Driven Solutions in Education:

Data-driven solutions are essential in education because they provide teachers with valuable insights into their student’s learning patterns. Through data analysis, teachers can customize their teaching strategies to suit their students’ needs and optimize their study habits. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also improves academic outcomes.

Founder of LessonBoard and His Teaching Career:

Before being the Founder and CEO at LessonBoard, Punit is a “Teacher”. Due to his love and passion for teaching, Punit has been well known amongst the SAT/ACT students’ fraternity. Having trained more than 1000 students for SAT/ACT and more than 8000 students for various other entrance exams, Punit is a seasoned educator, who comes with an experience of 10+ years. Under Punit and his team’s guidance, numerous students have achieved a 1500+ on the SAT and 34+ on the ACT.

Punit is patient, empathetic, and understanding, and is able to build strong relationships with his students. He is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who has a significant impact on the lives of his students.

LearnQ.ai's Benefits for LessonBoard Teachers:

LearnQ.ai’s AI-generated real-time data insights provide teachers with valuable insights into their student’s learning patterns. With this information, teachers can customize their teaching strategies and offer personalized instruction to their students. Additionally, LearnQ.ai offers time-saving tools for administrative tasks, enabling teachers to focus on their student’s learning experience.

Time-Saving Tools for Administrative Tasks:

LearnQ.ai’s time-saving tools for administrative tasks enable teachers to focus on their student’s learning experience. Teachers can assign practice tests and exercises to their students, which can be automatically graded. By doing so, their time spent on creating assignments, grading, and analyzing data will be saved.

LearnQ.ai's Benefits for LessonBoard Students:

LearnQ.ai’s Digital SAT diagnostic test, play and practice, and mock test features provide students with comprehensive practice for the digital SAT. Additionally, real-time feedback and guidance from instructors help students understand their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to optimize their study habits for academic success.

Practice for Digital SAT Using LearnQ.ai's tools:

  1. Our digital sat app offers a range of tools to help students prepare for the Digital SAT. Our diagnostic tests, play and practice, and mock tests provide students with a comprehensive SAT practice experience.
  2. The Digital SAT Diagnostic Test assesses students’ understanding of each topic with digital sat practice questions and includes an SAT score calculator. It provides a baseline for starting the exam preparation.
  3. With Digital SAT Play & Practice, students can enjoy on-the-go games that cover all concepts and question types in the exam curriculum including newly added concepts like rhetorical synthesis. The games are designed to reward speed and accuracy streaks, helping students master the concepts. A large chunk of our questions have been generated using OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 model with human SAT trainers kept in the loop providing students with fresh content to practice on as the exam pattern is changing.
  4. Digital SAT Mock Tests are known to boost exam scores, and LearnQ.ai’s meticulously designed digital SAT practice test closely mimics adaptive SAT tests by College Board, bringing students closer to their perfect score.


We’re excited about our new partnership with LessonBoard! Together, we can provide more teachers and students with our data-driven solution, personalized learning, and better performance on standardized exams. Our mission is to transform education into an innovative and growth-oriented journey for all. Thank you for your support!
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