LearnQ.ai Powers Ritesh Verma (RKV Enterprise LLC) with AI-Powered Digital SAT Solutions
Preparing for the Collegeboard SAT test has become increasingly challenging with the introduction of the new SAT pattern. Test prep institutes face various obstacles, including a shortage of questions for the new format and a lack of simulation platforms to provide students with necessary experience. However, LearnQ.ai’s data-driven solutions offer a practical solution to these challenges by providing institutes including those using khan academy SAT with a comprehensive range of tools for Digital SAT success.‍

New Digital SAT format and Challenges faced by Institutes and Students:

  • The new SAT is entirely digital and administered on a computer, which is a major change from the traditional paper-based SAT.
  • The online SAT updated format includes multiple-choice questions, as well as grid-in and extended-response questions.
  • The SAT exam online is divided into two sections: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math, with an optional Essay section.
  • The new SAT pattern is intended to be more closely aligned with what students are learning in high school, and is designed to be more transparent and fair.
  • SAT test prep institutes and students face several challenges in preparing for the new format, including a shortage of new pattern questions and a lack of adaptive SAT simulation platforms to provide students with the necessary experience.

LearnQ.ai addresses these challenges by utilising Generative AI, specifically the OpenAI GPT-3.5 model with human SAT trainers kept in the loop providing students with fresh content to practice. Additionally, LearnQ’s Adaptive Digital SAT platform offers a seamless experience for users to practice for the digital and adaptive SAT.‍

About Ritesh Verma (RKV Enterprise LLC):

Content creator, entrepreneur, and software engineer, Ritesh Verma has become a leading voice in helping students prepare for the SAT exam and sharing his knowledge of programming with the world, with over 10 million views on his educational SAT and coding videos on Youtube. Currently studying at the University of Maryland, College Park, Ritesh verma sat is passionate about inspiring others to achieve their goals and succeed in life. His work has helped countless students achieve their dream SAT scores.

Data-Driven Solutions for Digital SAT Practice and Preparation:

For true personalisation, we need a balanced approach to continuous assessment that identifies knowledge gaps and informs instruction to become more personalised. LearnQ’s platform enables bite-sized assessments that help build a student’s knowledge graph and provide deeper insights to help personalise instruction.  Built initially for SAT and newer digital sat tests, our approach allows both educators and learners to be more data-driven, focus on learning gaps and achieve much higher learning outcomes. Data-driven solutions offer a customised approach to digital SAT study and preparation for students and teachers. Real-time data insights enable teachers to tailor their teaching strategies based on each student’s unique learning style. ‍ Meanwhile, students receive immediate feedback, allowing them to adjust their study habits and improve their performance. Overall, this data-driven approach optimises SAT online preparation and helps students achieve their academic goals.

Benefits of Personalised Instruction, Real-Time Feedback:

  • With personalised instruction, students receive tailored teaching strategies that suit their unique learning style, resulting in improved comprehension and knowledge retention. 
  • Real-time feedback allows students to quickly identify areas where they need improvement and adjust their study habits accordingly. This approach helps students stay motivated and engaged, leading to better performance and higher academic achievement. 
  • Finally, optimised study habits allow students to make the most of their study time, reducing stress and improving their overall well-being.‍

Implementing Data-Driven Solutions for SAT Success:

LearnQ.ai digital SAT platform offers a range of tools to help students prepare for the exam and institutes to get real-time insights on their students’ learning patterns:

  • The Digital SAT diagnostic test assesses students’ understanding of each topic with practice questions and a SAT score calculator, providing a starting point for exam preparation. Try sat calculator now.
  • The Digital SAT play and practice feature offers on-the-go games that cover all concepts and digital SAT practice question types in the exam curriculum, including newly added concepts like rhetorical synthesis. The games (sat practice test) reward speed and accuracy streaks, helping students master the concepts.  
  • The Digital SAT mock tests are designed to closely mimic adaptive digital SAT practice test by College Board, known to boost exam scores, bringing students closer to their perfect score. 
  • Generative AI produced questions for the new digital SAT pattern using the OpenAI GPT-3.5 model, with human SAT trainers feedback to provide students with fresh content to practice on as the exam pattern changes.‍
  • LearnQ.ai provides institutes with a dedicated dashboard that offers real-time insights into their batch’s performance. The dashboard provides detailed feedback on students’ speed, accuracy, and skills, which allows institutes to quickly identify and remediate any learning gaps.


By implementing these solutions, Ritesh Verma (RKV Enterprise LLC) can provide students with a comprehensive and accessible platform for Digital SAT prep. This addresses the challenge of the College Board’s new SAT pattern for RKV Enterprise LLC, while also enabling them to gain real-time insights into student performance and progress, thereby facilitating better teaching and learning outcomes.
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