My Tutee now powered by as their technology partner to Streamline the Transition to Digital SAT and Beyond. is Excited to Join hands with My Tutee to Quantify Learning and Personalise Instruction by Empowering Teachers with Data-Driven Solutions.

The world is moving towards a digital and data-driven era, and education is no exception. With the SAT becoming a digital, adaptive test starting in 2023, students need to be ready for a new type of exam. To support this transition, is proud to announce its partnership with My Tutee Pvt Ltd.

About My Tutee:

My Tutee has been helping students prepare for foreign universities examinations through their online test prep platform, offering courses such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, and more. With, My Tutee can provide an adaptive learning environment aimed at improving students’ learning outcomes.

How's Smart Learning Platform(SLP) Works? collects data generated during student practice on our platform and stores it to provide actionable insights for teachers, students & institutions. For example, teachers can track student progress over time and understand the topics that are commonly misunderstood or neglected. This enables them to adapt their teaching methods and ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed on the digital SAT and other exams. also provides personalised feedback based on analysis of each student’s previous performance, providing teachers with a better understanding of their individual students’ needs and helping students understand their own learning patterns. enables My Tutee to gain real-time insight into teacher performance by tracking student progress and providing feedback on teaching effectiveness.

Final Thoughts:

At LearnQ, we believe that with this partnership, we can help the institute provide personalised teaching as they transition to the new era of digital SAT and beyond. By using AI-driven analytics, our Smart Learning Platform provides actionable insights that can help both teachers and students reach their full potential. ‍
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