The Pano Education and Collaboration: Empowering Digital SAT Success

Discover how’s data-driven solutions support Pano Education in overcoming challenges posed by the new SAT pattern. Explore a range of digital SAT tools for enhanced preparation, including digital SAT score calculator, digital SAT practice test, and mock tests.‍

The College Board’s new SAT pattern has introduced increased challenges in test preparation. However,’s data-driven solutions offer practical assistance to test prep institutions, including those utilising Khan Academy SAT, through a comprehensive set of digital tools for digital SAT success.

New SAT Pattern and Challenges faced by Institutes and Students:

The new SAT is now fully digital, administered on computers, featuring multiple-choice, grid-in, and extended-response questions. The online SAT is structured into Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, as well as Math sections, to align more closely with high school learning and ensure fairness. Challenges arise from a scarcity of new SAT pattern questions and the absence of adaptive SAT simulation platforms.

About The Pano Education:

Pano Education, founded by Andy Zhang in Taiwan, aims to revolutionise higher education for the next generation. With a commitment to lifelong learning, Pano Education provides innovative platforms, data-driven analyses, and flexible programs customized to each student. Through scholarships and community events, they strive to democratize access to quality education.

Data-Driven Solutions for Digital SAT Practice and Preparation:

LearnQ’s platform offers bite-sized assessments, leveraging data-driven approaches to help students identify learning gaps and achieve better outcomes in their SAT and newer digital SAT test. Customised digital SAT study is enabled by tailoring strategies to individual learning styles, providing immediate feedback for improved performance and optimised SAT online preparation.

Benefits of Personalised Instruction, Real-Time Feedback:

  • Personalised instruction caters to unique learning styles, enhancing comprehension and knowledge retention.
  • Real-time feedback allows prompt identification of areas for improvement, keeping students engaged and motivated.
  • Effective study habits optimise study time, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Utilising Data-Driven Strategies for Digital SAT Success:’s digital SAT platform offers a comprehensive toolkit for exam preparation, providing real-time insights into students’ learning patterns:

  • The Digital SAT diagnostic test assesses understanding through practice questions and a SAT score calculator, serving as a starting point for exam readiness.
  • The Digital SAT play and practice feature offers on-the-go games covering exam concepts and digital SAT practice question types, including rhetorical synthesis.
  • The Digital SAT mock test replicates the adaptive digital SAT practice test developed by the College Board, enhancing exam scores.
  • Leveraging Generative AI, particularly the OpenAI GPT-4 model, generates new questions aligned with the digital SAT pattern, reviewed by human SAT trainers for up-to-date practice content.
  • equips SAT tutoring institutions with a dedicated dashboard for real-time performance insights, empowering prompt identification and resolution of learning gaps.


Through the collaborative efforts of Pano Education and, students benefit from an inclusive and user-friendly platform for digital SAT preparation. These solutions address the challenges presented by the new SAT pattern while providing educational institutions with real-time analytics on student performance, leading to enhanced teaching methods and improved learning outcomes.
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