Best Alternative To Khanmigo [Try For Free]
Best Alternative To Khanmigo [Try For Free]

Every Joey needs a Chandler.

Every Walter needs a Jesse Pinkman.

Every superhero needs a Nick Fury.

And every SAT aspirant needs an AI tutor.


Ah, the SAT! Ever since it has gone digital, it has become a chameleon, changing its colors based on how you fare. Here’s what we mean – based on how a student performs in one section determines the difficulty level of the next set of questions. That’s the Digital SAT for you – shorter, smarter, and adaptive. But mastering this digital beast? That’s no mere feat of cramming old textbooks.

It no longer works on paper; it works on a digital screen, which calls for a sidekick: an AI tutor who can help you master the digital nature of the SAT!

This is where Khanmigo from Khan Academy makes a grand entry – a name you’ve likely heard. Yet, it’s not wise to put all your digital eggs in one basket. Why, you ask? Imagine a world where only one superhero battled all villains. Thrilling as they may be, even superheroes need a league.

So, what’s beyond Khanmigo? Which alternative to Khanmigo can you try? Let’s take the guesswork out of the equation and get you started!

Best Alternative to Khanmigo You Must Take Advantage of

Mia, the AI Tutor by

Khanmigo might be the Jack and Jill of all trades, but Mia? She’s the master of one. She has been specifically trained to tutor SAT aspirants. Instead of focusing on every player involved in the game—students, teachers, and parents—Mia has been designed keeping in mind the unique needs of just one key player: you, the student!

She’s laser-focused on the SAT, equipped with GPT-4 intellect and an insatiable curiosity to tackle every question you throw at her. She’s like a Ph.D. scholar with a degree in one major, which makes her a lot smarter than Khanmigo.

Mia, an amazing alternative to khanmigo:

  • Uses’s proprietary training combined with GPT-4 and real-time internet access to solve every shred of doubt you have
  • Takes interaction with you to the next level by providing powerful SAT questions followed by every answer she gives
  • Follows the ACT approach – Action, Conclusion, Thought – to frame her answers

Unlike a regular chatbot, Mia can remember past conversations, making it very easy to interact with her. She provides you with a personalized coaching experience by:

  • Testing your vocabulary through vocabulary quizzer
  • Quizzing you in a text-based adventure format
  • Explaining concepts through analogies from your favorite topics
  • Responding in the exact style of your favorite characters from movies

Such a personal approach to tutoring makes Mia the most advanced alternative to khanmigo.

And the best part? While Khanmigo asks for a modest tribute of $4/month to share its wisdom, you get to interact with Mia and ask her 30 questions even in the free plan.

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AI adaptive teaching by

Although does not have an AI tutor like, the approach the platform uses for preparing students for Digital SAT makes them a great alternative to khanmigo., with 1,500+ SAT practice questions and an option to customize their tests, makes learning for the SAT much more effective. AI analytics also offers students many strategies to improve their weak areas.

Having said that, is still the leading alternative to Khanmigo because, compared to, we have an extensive bank of 10,000+ SAT practice questions that make learning much more thorough. Unlike Khan Academy and, we offer gamified learning that makes your SAT preparation not only effective but also fun!

AI Tutor by TurboOcean

AI Tutor is a great alternative to Khanmigo. This digital sage breaks the mold, offering wisdom to students in elementary school, high school, middle school, and college. With practice quizzes and detailed theory explanations, AI Tutor can help you with any subject of your choice. Unlike Khanmigo, which can be accessed by only US students above 18, AI Tutor has no such restriction. The free plan allows you to ask up to 10 questions per day and unlimited quizzes and lesson plans.

Having said that, although a great alternative to Khanmigo, AI tutor falls behind’s focused approach to the digital SAT. If you are truly preparing for the digital SAT examination, you will need to practice on advanced platforms to familiarize yourself with the digital SAT interface and practice with full-length and sectional mock tests that mimic the same difficulty level as the SAT exam.

Personalized learning with UWorld

Personalized Digital SAT preparation offered by UWorld is another great alternative to khanmigo and Khan Academy. With 1,000+ SAT practice questions and an interface that mimics the exact interface of the Digital SAT exam, UWorld has reformed SAT Preparation in 2024.

You get to practice with in-built tools like a timer, an in-built calculator, flashcards, and reference and formula sheets precisely the way you will see them on your screen on the test day.

Having said that, is still the best alternative to khanmigo because besides offering every feature we just mentioned, our platform also provides gamified tests to make SAT fun and the help of Mia (which UWorld doesn’t).

Eager to start turning your SAT goals into achievements? Let Mia guide you through a demo, showcasing how individualized attention makes all the difference. 

Alternative Tools

AI Tutoring with Jagoda

An AI tutoring tool that offers coaching in 20+ languages, Jagoda is quite a steal. The tool can adapt its level to your grade and offer assistance with homework, too. Besides, the platform provides coaching in as many as 30 subjects. Having said that, Jagoda does not specialize in digital SAT. This means you will still need to look for options to master the digital SAT interface and train with high-question SAT practice questions and mock tests to prepare for D-day.

SAT bot by AceIt

Aceit is another alternative to Khanmigo. The platform features a chatbot that provides in-depth explanations and hints for every question. The platform also offers high-quality SAT practice questions, uses performance data to highlight your strengths and weaknesses, and offers adaptive full-length practice tests to make you better.


Another alternative to Khanmigo is Cognito. Although not exclusively customized for the SAT, the platform still offers more than 400 video lessons on advanced math and science that you can benefit from in your journey to preparing for the Digital SAT. Additionally, there are features like progress tracking and flashcards to make learning effective.

AI Math Coach

The next alternative to Khanmigo is AI Math Coach. This platform is specially dedicated to making math simple for students. Personalized learning through puzzles can make even tedious math topics fun. All you have to do is take a picture of the Math problem you are trying to master (or type it). Post which, the app will create practice sheets with problems that mimic the question you uploaded. Once the practice sheet gets generated, you can print it out and improve your math skills.

Teach Anything

Not exactly a platform customized to prepare exclusively for digital SAT, Teach Anything is still a great alternative to Khanmigo. It’s a simple AI-powered platform that uses GPT-3.5 technology to teach tricky problems in a simple-to-understand language. It’s great for young kids – simply type your question, select the language you want the answer in, and choose the difficulty level. The tool will customize the answer according to your requirements.


Ever since SAT metamorphosed into Digital SAT, it got shorter and smarter. Because of the Digital nature of SAT, preparation through just the BlueBook is no longer enough. In order to make sure that you can shimmy down the lane of success and get high SAT scores to get admission to your dream college, you need the AI digital SAT service providers is a leading contender in the race of platforms offering more than an interface that mimics the Digital SAT interface – we also provide a gamified learning experience, a vast bank of 10,000+ practice SAT questions as good as the ones found in the BlueBook, and the assistance of an advanced AI tutor, Mia.

If you were looking for an alternative to Khanmigo, look no further. Choose Mia today and prepare for the Digital SAT with real-time feedback and personalized, interactive learning sessions.

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